Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Happy Birthday, Blog

This little old blog of mine turned one year old today. A year ago, when I posted my first entry, my life was a giant mess. I had just been laid off for the second time since I had graduated from college less than a year prior, I had no idea what I was doing with my life, and I was having an extremely difficult time coming to terms with being an “adult.” I impulsively took off to California and sat in a Starbucks by myself where I drafted that first post. I didn’t even have a plan for this blog, I just had a lot of feelings and shit and I started writing.

I’ve said this before, but writing has been a very effective form of therapy for me. I even tried actual therapy once, but the shrink was an asshole so I just continued to write things down to get everything out. Not everything I’ve written down has made it to the Internet, but the posts that I did choose to share with you all ended up coming in handy. By my third blog post, I was offered my first writing job. A few posts later, I was offered another job. Other outlets began to take notice of my work and bigger, better things kept rolling in for me.

One year after I created a blog out of boredom and frustration, my life is in a totally different place. I finally have a “big girl” job that I plan to grow with, my priorities are coming together better, and I’m doing particularly well with being an “adult.” My hair is longer, I’m more mature, and I don’t have to shop at Forever 21 all the time anymore. I’ve grown “ohmygoditskat” into a seemingly well-known brand in this crazy industry that I’ve chosen and I’ve met some seriously influential people along the way because of it. Throughout this blog, I’ve documented my ups and downs, my party stories and introspective feelings, and I’ve even touched on my love life and loss. I feel so much more “put together” now than I was just one year ago, and this blog is the reason why it has all happened for me.

So thanks, guys. I’ve been slacking on the personal posts for the past couple of months since I now actually write for a living (shoutout DJOYbeat! Check it out, kids) and that takes priority. I do appreciate everyone who still keeps up with this blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll begin to post more often now that I’ve noticed how neglectful I’ve been to my poor baby blog... Stay tuned.

As always, find out every detail of my life via www.ohmygoditskat.com

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A History of OHMYGODitsKAT and Her Relation to Kat Boehrer

By Kat Boehrer

A word about Kat Boehrer, from OHMYGODitsKAT:

“Kat Boehrer is a normal fucking girl.  She started this blog and subsequently this brand in an effort to show off her interests and ideas online.  Kat Boehrer began to learn about Internet marketing and clickability from her experiments with this blog.  She began to target her posts at her 'young-n-crazy' peers, who were the majority of her audience.  She noticed that certain posts highlighting certain subjects were more successful than others.  She noticed that certain marketing schemes and modes of self-promotion were getting her more traffic.  She created a brand, a business, an entire career around a character she created.

What started as an honest outlet for feelings and ideas turned into a circus; a parody of Kat Boehrer’s real life.”

OHMYGODitsKAT's self-portrait

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Club Life

I'm starting to think that I have some sort of personality disorder.  I am so genuinely happy when I'm in a nightclub, regardless if I'm drinking or if I'm stone cold sober.  I love the vibe; I love the people; I love the loud music and the excess and the glamour and the lights.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Year Full of DJs and Shows in Review

I began 2013 as a run-of-the–mill club rat.  It was the start of my first full year in Las Vegas, and I had enough of a head start in 2012 so that club life was easy for me.  I already intimately knew key people at every major Las Vegas nightclub.  These people let me bypass lines and crowds with my friends, gave me all of the alcohol and perks that I wanted, even let me hang out on stage with the internationally touring DJs that I loved so much.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

About Me:

Found this as I was cleaning out my drafts. It was originally supposed to be in an "about me" section on this blog when I created it in February.

Twenty-three year old female, blogging about partying and what I wore while doing it in Las Vegas.  Not sure what else to add in here, so I copied & pasted one of those old school Myspace surveys titled "My lil Survey" from myspacebuletins.com.  Enjoy.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blackout Friday

I haven’t had the time to put up any rousing drunk stories lately due to this weird full-time job thing I’ve been doing… This weekend I finally have a few days to relax and blog about the general awkwardness that is my life. So, here it goes.

This is a time lapse of the beginning of my weekend, the day after Thanksgiving. As other observants of this holiday stabbed each other for parking at Walmart or trampled human beings to death for flat-screen TVs, my friends and I got blacked out and went to tha club. This is what happened to me during the hours of midnight and 4AM on Black Friday.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

NYC and the City of Angels

It's only been about two weeks, but I feel like the trip was months ago. My producer and I headed out on a sponsored trip across the country to cover a series of raves, parties and festivals over Halloween weekend and brought back memories and footage that I wouldn't trade for the world. I'm still in disbelief that it all happened, and I'm already thinking of new trips and creative ideas for similar future projects. In the ten days since I've been back in Las Vegas, I've been working so constantly on getting my contractual content out that I've neglected my own personal account of the adventure.

I documented a play-by-play story of exactly what went down while traveling from the strip to the Big Apple and then on to sunny Los Angeles. You can find a three-part series complete with timestamps of every event that occurred on the trip on one of the websites I've been working with. Part one can be found here, and it documents Halloween night in NYC. I outline our flight delays, our first night in town, and the Krewella show at Pier of Fear. Part two is here: where I talk about the next two days in the city. We went to both nights of the Aokify America tour at Hammerstein Ballroom and Pier 94. I interview old and new DJ friends and encounter a lot of kids on drugs. The final installment of the series can be found here. We head out from NYC across the country to Los Angeles for HARD Day of the Dead and then almost die from my erratic and exhausted driving on the way home to Las Vegas.

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